Can you give me information on sandwich wall construction? I should also like any information on methods, particularly for use in residential, apartment, or motel construction.
The problems of constructing a sandwich panel are very minor. Sandwich panels consist of two thin shells of high strength concrete bonded to a core of rigid low density insulation. The two outer shells can be cast solid around their external edges so that the core is completely enclosed. The insulation may also be extended to the panel edge if desired. Reinforcement in the shells must be provided as well as shear connections between the outer shells. Sandwich panels are not normally used as load bearing walls. The load bearing conditions in residential construction are such, however, that no problems should be encountered in using a sandwich wall. Information on different types of shear connections and methods of placing concrete in a cast-in-place residential wall are discussed in three bulletins available from the Portland Cement Association: Bulletin D99, D. W. Pfeifer and J. A. Hanson, "Precast Concrete Wall Panels: Flexural Stiffness of Sandwich Panels." Bulletin D104, Harry L. Scoggin, "Cast-in-Place Concrete Residences with Insulated Walls." Bulletin D108, Harry L. Scoggin and Donald W. Pfeifer, "Cast-in-Place Concrete Residences with Insulated Walls Influence of Shear Connectors on Flexural Resistance."