What is the best way to repair cracks in a swimming pool?
Usually the best way is to repair with epoxy resins. The cracks should be widened slightly and the neighboring surface abrasive-blasted for 12 inches on each side to remove dirt and laitance. Weak edges and loose concrete should be removed by running a chisel down the crack. Freshly mixed epoxy resin should then be applied to the crack and surrounding surface and a glass fiber cloth embedded in it. If the surface is at all moist a special epoxy should be used that has been designed for the purpose. A second coat of resin thick enough to cover the glass fiber entirely should be applied about eight to 24 hours later. If cracks are less than 0.01 inch in width there is no need to widen them. If they are less than 0.005 inch wide there is no need to use glass fiber. For repairing joints in pools and correcting other kinds of leaks see the four-page article "Effective Repairs for Leaking Swimming Pools," Concrete Construction, April 1972, page 169.