We contracted to have a shuffleboard court installed and furnished the official specifications to the contractor. The result was that the top was not level. We now desire to have a level top placed over the present job.
It is difficult to give specific recommendations for leveling the shuffleboard court as the degree of unevenness of the surface was not described. (1) If the unevenness occurs in only small areas, a terrazzo contractor (who usually has grinding equipment) could be contacted to surface grind the shuffleboard to an even and level surface. (2) If unevenness cannot be corrected by this suggestion and if patches less than one-half inch in depth will be satisfactory to obtain the desired surface, we suggest contacting a reliable grouting firm for information on epoxy patching compounds. This method may or may not be more expensive than (3) bonded resurfacing of the shuffleboard. Information on this is available from the Portland Cement Association, Old Orchard Road, Skokie, Illinois 60076.