Sheet membranes have many benefits:

  • They are factory manufactured to a uniform thickness.
  • They can be applied after a concrete curing time of 7 days and at temperatures as low as 25 degrees.
  • They bridge cracks up to 1/16 inch wide and can withstand typical surface movements under a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions.
  • They require no heating or chemical bonding agents.
  • They resist puncturing and high hydrostatic pressures.
  • They have good resistance to soil acids, alkalies, and fungi.
  • Protection board and backfill can be placed immediately after membrane application.

Several steps must be followed carefully during installation to ensure good sheet system performance:

  • Prepare the surface.
  • Apply primer.
  • Treat corners, joints, and cracks.
  • Apply the sheets.
  • Cover it with protection board and backfill.