There was a time when concrete contractors assumed that the private driveway market was in their pocket. Recently, however, a certain dark colored paving material has been taking an ever growing bite out of this market. The only way to compete successfully with flexible paving is to stress the superior quality and longer life inherent in concrete driveway construction. The sight of a scaling, cracked, unsightly concrete driveway and the loud wailing of its owner can soon lead to a loss of a good share of this market to competitive paving materials. Good construction of driveways always includes: preparing a subgrade thoroughly; using an air entrained concrete mix, providing adequate, properly spaced joints; being sure that good drainage is provided; finishing with a texture for skid resistance; and curing for at least five days. Failure will always result if these steps are not taken. Today average homeowners are even more conscious about the appearance of their homes. Thanks to the plasticity of concrete, a great number of designs and color effects are possible with concrete driveways. If costumers are shown the beautiful and unusual designs that are possible with concrete driveways, they will be more likely to spend the extra money to get a quality product.