More and more concrete contractors are using lasers to control their construction equipment. By helping machines trench, level, cut, or fill more accurately, laser-leveling systems can eliminate traditional control methods such as hubs, blue tops, stringlines, and spot checking. This means that contractors can dig to required depths, grade subgrades, fine-grade subbases, or place concrete at the correct elevation much faster and with greater precision. Not only do laser controls improve productivity, their superior grading accuracy can reduce material costs resulting from overcutting.

Since lasers are electronic, they have few, if any, moving parts. However, they can lose their calibration if they are jostled or dropped on the jobsite. To keep the equipment functional and accurate, contractors should check the calibration of laser instruments in the field regularly and whenever they suspect the calibration may have been altered. Taking the instrument to a laser dealer biannually for a thorough checkup and cleaning also is recommended.