In an unusual promotion, a contractor decided to market his capabilities among ready-mix producers a reverse direction in marketing. The company had normally done slipform highway and street paving. However, when there were fewer new construction projects and less spending for highways, the company decided to start doing slipform paving of parking lots, at which time they undertook a direct-mail advertising campaign aimed at ready-mix producers in five states.

The mailing piece arrived on the ready-mix producer's desk in a large, white envelope that had a message in red letters on the outside: "How to Make Large Parking Lots Go (Ready Mix) Concrete!!" The contents informed each ready-mix producer that the contractor was now in the business of paving parking lots by slipforming. A sample brochure was enclosed that the contractor was offering for ready-mix companies to mail to their customers to develop local interest in concrete parking lots. Also enclosed was a fact sheet containing marketing information about parking lots from the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA).

What first interests most clients is saving up to 25 percent on in-place costs for large parking lots. They achieve this by substantially reducing the need for hand labor, using correct mix designs that provide strength and durability and meet PCA and ACPA standards, and designing the parking lots as well as building them. High volume placement of quality concrete is the key to slipform paving. With company expertise and modern equipment they can place 400 to 800 cubic yards per day instead of the 50 to 120 cubic yards common with conventional placement.