Even though builders sometimes lose sight of the fact, concrete is still the best material yet developed for building a home driveway. Yet asphalt driveways appear to be on the increase. One reason is the people casting and using driveways have not been sufficiently sold on the superiority of concrete driveways. Then, too, we have all seen examples of concrete driveways obviously built with neither an awareness of nor a regard for quality concrete procedures. The resulting cracked or spalled concrete driveway acts as a powerful and persuasive advertisement for asphalt. Make sure that the subbase is well compacted and that the formwork and reinforcement are securely in place before the ready mixed concrete is scheduled to arrive. If possible, the truck should discharge the concrete directly in place. Move the concrete horizontally as little as possible. The concrete must be thoroughly consolidated by use of spades around the perimeter of the slabwork. After the concrete has been leveled with a rigid strikeoff board the contraction joints can be formed. These are usually formed with a soft wood board filler. After concrete has been placed and thoroughly compacted around the board, it may be removed.