Most concrete contractors do at least some of their own site preparation work. While it is not the same thing as placing concrete, if the stuff your concrete is bearing on isn’t right then the concrete is doomed. Grade elevation that is too high or too low, poor consolidation of soils or base course, improper drainage around a foundation—any of these could leave you having to explain why your concrete is cracked or leaking or at the wrong elevation. And the fix can consume the money that was supposed to be your measly margin.

To help with this we have built a source of information on site prep: a new channel on the CC web site, appropriately titled Site Prep for Concrete Construction. We are gathering lots of different resources on the topic both from our archives and other sources—I trust you will find it useful.

Full Disclosure: Site Prep for Concrete Construction is being underwritten by Caterpillar, which is also providing some of the information on the channel. With the site resources they can bring to bear, you will find the sponsored content worth the time. I especially liked Mark Whiting’s Rethink Jobsite: Loading Efficiency. “Spend 30 seconds with Mark and you’ll learn a simple trick to increase loading efficiency by up to 20%,” according to Cat.