In 1994, Robert J. Wagner, owner of RJW Stamped Colored Concrete, Silverlake, Wis., replaced a Kenosha, Wis., homeowner's driveway with concrete, achieving stunning results. In fact, his work recently earned a design award in the Historical Restoration with Concrete category form the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

The project involved replacing the deteriorated 50-year-old brick and limestone driveway of the beautiful old stone home with a combination of stamped and broom-finished concrete. The homeowner wanted the new driveway to be strong, durable, and easy to maintain, yet replicate the beauty and character of the original brick and limestone drive.

To simulate the mottled red coloring of old brick in the stamped concrete sections, Wagner added an integral red coloring agent to the concrete at the jobsite before placement, then applied a charcoal-colored release agent to the concrete before the stamping. Integral beige coloring was added to the broom-finished concrete sections to complement the coloring of the house's stone exterior. The job was completed in two days by a five-man crew.