Using a curb-and-gutter machine equipped with custom-made molds, contractor CCMS associates slipformed 5,000 lineal feet of grade beam for the structural slab of a large recreational facility in just 14 working days. The building, located in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., is large enough to house both NHL- and Olympic-sized hockey rinks, racquetball courts, weight rooms, and an indoor track. JOB DONE IN QUADRANTS The building's foundation was built in quadrants to permit fast-track frame erection. The perimeter grade beams and those for the interior column lines were hand-formed. At right angles to the column lines were additional grade beams located on 20-foot centers. All of these were slipformed. Sequencing the grade-beam placements was tricky. As it was built, the foundation structure resembled a series of aisles, traversed first by the slipform paver, and then by trucks, end loaders, and bulldozers that placed a sand backfill between beams. To cut the time it took to change molds, design modifications were made to reduce the number of beam cross sections to two. A three-man crew with no slipforming experience learned quickly and placed more than 600 lineal feet of grade beam on the first day.