The ideal choice for new construction waterproofing, restoration and leak repair.

Production rates are five times faster than trowel-applied methods with the Garlock GSX spray-applied waterproofing system for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Contractors can expect application rates of up to 1700 sq. ft. per hour. Material and labor costs are also reduced with the Garlock System that sprays a non-curing modified polymer rubber gel with exceptional adhesive and cohesive physical characteristics and self-healing properties.

Operators will work safer by spraying material at temperatures below 260 degrees. This also eliminates compliance with regulations normally associated with hot-applied membranes. GSX applicators utilize a fully enclosed chamber heating system powered by diesel fuel. The unique double boiler design is oil jacketed for indirect heating. This keeps product at the precise temperature. High-performance mixing in the kettle eliminates temperature stratification with a specially designed auger/agitator. Recirculation ensures excellent heat-up and recovery times.

Large volume vertical and horizontal placements benefit from the faster production rates including plaza decks, roofs, foundation walls, tunnels, green roofs and restoration projects. Material can be sprayed to 100 feet from the melter. Continuous operation is assured with 150, 230 and 410-gallon capacity models. Units can be trailer mounted for easy transport and are self-contained with a 25 hp diesel engine.

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