The days of the damp, dark cellar are over. But not every prospective home buyer knows this. It therefore becomes one of the first jobs of the builder to sell the buyer on the advantages of a full basement. These advantages are that the basement provides added usable living space at a lower cost per square foot than any added space that can be built above ground. The basement can provide extra usable space while only adding one tenth to the total cost. Also, basements are a comfortable place of retreat, it is the most logical place for the location of heating units and plumbing, and it insulates the ground floor against cold and termites. There are three stages in building a home with a basement that you will want to take into consideration. The first is preplanning the construction of the basement in the over all plans for the house. The second is following sound concreting practices in erecting thick, solid walls and floors that will keep moisture out and warmth in. The third is suggesting inexpensive design details to turn the basement into usable extra space.