Location: St. Louis
Contractor: Oreo and Botta, St. Louis

A feeling of elegance describes this decorative driveway. Chris Milne, from Oreo and Botta, says that the driveway is approximately 2500 square feet and consists of a series of borders and infills. The borders were formed separately and cast with integrally colored concrete. In front of the garage, the borders crisscross through the infill areas.

The concrete for the infill areas was batched with granite chip aggregates, but isn't integrally colored. Milne says that after finishing and allowing the concrete to get fairly hard, they sprayed a surface retarder on the slab and covered it with plastic. On the following morning, the crew exposed the top 3/8 inches of the surface using both a hose with a spray nozzle and a pressure washer. The finished work is well executed and shows attention to detail. And the exposed aggregate work has a controlled, even appearance.