Q.: Our field engineers are often asked for information on subjects that our own literature may not cover, or at least not in sufficient detail. In the past, we have found photocopies of articles from Concrete Construction to be very useful in answering questions, for example on the effects of fire on concrete structures. Having just copied the three articles from the March, April and May 1972 issues for the umpteenth time, it occurred to me that perhaps you have reprints available of some of the more popular articles. If so, do you have a listing of these reprint titles?

A.: Although we do not have a separate list of articles that are available as reprints, we do have a key showing which articles in our complete list are available in that form. Actually, reprints that are available come as parts of reprint collections. The three articles you refer to, "Repair of Concrete Structures After Fire," "Evaluating Fire Damage," and "Reinstating Fire-Damaged Structures," (which total 15 pages) are all included in a reprint collection called Concrete Repair Techniques, a 52-page booklet containing a total of 10 articles, available for $4 per copy.

To find out whether any particular article is available as part of a reprint collection, find its title in the blue pages of the December 1982 issue. In this case, under the main heading "Repairing," on page 961 of the blue pages, you will find the three titles. After each title is the letter "J". Then looking back to the beginning of the blue pages (page 940), you will find a box entitled "Reprint Collections." In the box is the letter "J", followed by the title Concrete Repair Techniques, the reprint collection that contains the article you want. Most reprint collections cost $4 each, though some cost $6, as explained on pages 940 and 941 of the blue pages.

When readers are interested in single articles only, they can order them from us at 25 cents per page, minimum order $1. (On this basis the 15 pages you refer to would cost $3.75.) When several needed articles are included in a reprint collection it is often less expensive to order the whole reprint collection.