Field labor is usually more expensive than factory labor. Why then does tilt-up cost less than factory made tees and double-tees?
It is sometimes true that precast-tees and double-tees are cheaper than tilt-up. It would undoubtedly be true for a building that is to be constructed very close to the precast plant. It is not always true, however, especially where precast members must be transported long distances and where costs of delivery are high. There are also other factors that influence the cost. The relative costs may be strongly influenced by the loads that the two kinds of members are required to resist, so sometimes one will be economically the better choice, and at other times the other will be. In some circumstances the builder might be sacrificing floor space by using the thicker walls usually required for tees and double-tees and thus imposing an indirect added cost. Each application must be judged on its merits.