Q.: Is there any way I can do my own concrete testing?

A.: We assume that you are talking about compressive strength tests on cylinders. We do not know of any small contractor who attempts to do this. It is possible to make your own cylinders according to ASTM test method C 39 but most people who make cylinders send them to testing laboratories to have them tested. If you make test cylinders you should do it strictly in accordance with ASTM instructions and store and handle the cylinders carefully according to the procedures given. There are small testing machines made for testing cylinders but they are quite expensive. You might be able to get a catalog describing such a machine from Humboldt Manufacturing Company, 7300 West Agatite Avenue, Norridge, Illinois 60656 or from Soiltest Inc., 2205 Lee Street, Evanston, Illinois 60202. If you were to test your own cylinders you would also have to be certain that they are stored properly in some kind of moist cabinet at a constant temperature of 73 degrees F until tested.