Relatively short, hand-finished concrete pavements can now provide pretty much the same smooth riding qualities as mechanically finished slabs. The secret is all in the proper use of a simple scraping straightedge tool which can readily be built in any reasonably well-equipped shop. Design details can be found in the article. It is recommended that the scraping straightedge be put to work immediately after the completion of the finishing passes of the vibrating screed. The suggested steps are as follows. (1) Place the straightedge at the near edge of the concrete with the handle at knee height and push it across the concrete with the handle flexed by downward pressure. A steady pressure and a uniform rate of movement are important requirements. (2) Make the return pass of the straightedge with the handle straight and inclined upward at shoulder height. (3) Repeat the process if necessary, but only as much as is required to result in a smooth and level surface. (4) Advance along the slab about 4 feet and keep repeating the process until the entire area has been worked. The surface may then be broomed textured and cured in the usual way.