Floor finishes are one of the most critical elements in construction of a new building. A poorly installed floor finish reflects discredit upon the contractor. Occasionally, the client's budget will dictate the use of a less expensive and less durable floor finish than is desirable. Thin set terrasso toppings have been providing quality floor finishes at budget prices. Monolithic terrazzo has been extensively used in the southern areas of the United States over slabs on grade. Even in residential construction, this flooring has proven to be an economical material giving richness and quality to the structure. A very similar system to the monolithic terrazzo is the use of an adhesive interface membrane to bond a conventional 5 /8 inch thick terrazzo topping to a cured concrete substrate. This interface membrane method may use either of two construction approaches- it may provide a bond equal to the tensile strength of the substrate or it may be sufficiently flexible in itself to allow differential movement.