What are the important points to ascertain when using braces for panel support?

  • Make sure the detailer is aware of any expected high winds that could be encountered while the panels are temporarily braced.
  • Make sure the vendor who supplies these braces has adequate test data to verify the recommended safe working load.

  • Check with the local municipal or state safety department and verify any special wind load requirements for bracing. Normal wind load used for bracing is 10 pounds per square foot of panel, which is equivalent to a wind of about 63 miles per hour. Don't overlook the fact that wind gusts usually exceed the normal wind speed expected and one should allow for the maximum wind load.
  • Be sure the correct size and number of brace adjusting pins are used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Make sure the braces are knee-braced both vertically and laterally according to the manufacturer's recommendations so they will perform as expected.
  • Make sure the braces are used as specified in the manufacturer's recommendations regarding load, length and inclined angle.
  • Never have a brace connected to a panel at a point lower than two-thirds of the panel height.