Tilt-up walls are cast at the job-site using locally produced ready mixed concrete; the building slab on grade typically serves as the wall panel's primary form surface. Placement of panel edge forms, reinforcing steel, and embedded items is simple and, with experienced supervision, the labor force does not require extensive training. In a market in which all competing general contractors rely on the same subcontractors and material suppliers to determine cost, tilt-up offers the opportunity for cost control. Contractors use more of their own workforce and are less susceptible to a subcontractor's schedule delays and the price fluctuations of plant-manufactured products. Contractors who successfully introduce tilt-up to new markets capture the considerable marketing advantage of being the first, galvanizing a perception of leadership in the market's mind. Tilt-up also offers contractors the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition. Concrete buildings look substantial. And an experienced, creative design team can develop simple, cost-effective architectural treatments that generate genuine curb appeal. Attractive concrete buildings can add value to owners' investments and allow contractors to offer distinctive and premium products.