Would it be better to use wire reinforcement in concrete in such things as patios or wide expanses of concrete slabs even though nothing heavier than people use them?
Most concrete slabs should contain steel to satisfy load requirements. The requisite area of steel per foot may be provided either by bar reinforcing or by wire mesh. The choice of which one to use is simply a matter of convenience in placing and the economics involved. On vast areas it is simpler to roll out mesh than place bar reinforcing. Wire mesh comes as one-way and two-way types and in a range of sectional steel areas per square foot, and the requisite style can be selected. Mesh in many cases will be more economical than bar reinforcement. The maximum tensile strength of mesh is 3,000 psi compared to 2,000 psi for average bar steel, so the area of mesh steel will be two thirds the area needed of bar reinforcement.