The driveway and parking lot of our plant were made with 5000-psi concrete, using 1 1/2-inch maximum size coarse aggregate and 4 percent entrained air. Now we want to apply linseed oil to protect against salts that will be used for melting the snow and ice this winter. Should this be applied immediately after curing?
It is not normally recommended to apply linseed oil or any other surface treatment for preserving concrete pavement except on pavement where scaling or other distress has actually begun to occur during the first season of freezing temperatures. If linseed oil is applied to concrete pavement that was built in strict adherence to good design and practice for scale-resistant concrete, then the cost of the protective treatment is wasted because the pavement will be scale-resistant without the surface. If scaling does occur because of freezing and thawing and deicer application, then it must be assumed that the concrete was not properly constructed or not properly designed. It will ordinarily be soon enough to apply linseed oil after the first winter. If there is some urgent reason to apply linseed oil before the first winter, it should not be done until the concrete has been thoroughly cured and has had an additional period of at least 28 days of good drying weather.