Q.: We have a specification calling for the installation of an Enkasonic mat on an elevated slab. What is an Enkasonic mat and who supplies it?

A.: Enkasonic is a registered trademark for a sound-control matting used in floor construction and renovation. It's a composite of nylon filaments that forms a three-dimensional mat 0.4 inch (10 mm) thick. A nonwoven fabric is heat-bonded to the upper surface.

The product was designed specifically for use under ceramic tile. However, tests have demonstrated its effectiveness under other construction assemblies and floor coverings including marble, stone, vinyl tile, parquet and hardwood.

Workers lay the mat on the concrete floor, tape the joints and cover the mat with lightweight concrete, self-leveling underlayment, plywood panels or other materials, depending on the floor covering used.

The matting product is made by Akzo Industrial Systems, Asheville, N.C. (phone: 704-665-5050).