Q: From time to time I see references to rubber formliners in Concrete Construction, but I can't locate a supplier. Can you help?

A: The following names and addresses of manufacturers of form liners are taken from the Concrete Construction buyers' guides over the years. Which of them currently make rubber formliners can be ascertained by getting in touch with the manufacturers.

The Burke Company
Box 5818
San Mateo, California 94402

Gates and Sons Inc.
Box 9509
Denver, Colorado 80209

Greenstreak Plastic Products
Division of Western Textile Products Company
Box 7139
St. Louis, Missouri 63177

Interform Division of Patent Scaffolding Company

Harsco Corporation
Box 6239
Carson, California 90749

Labrado Forms Inc.
3199 C Airport Loop Drive
Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626

L. M. Scofield Company
5511 East Slauson Avenue
Los Angeles, Calif. 90040

The Scott System
4575 Joliet Street
Denver, Colorado 80239

Symons Corporation
200 East Touhy Avenue
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018