We had an unhappy experience recently when we planned a program on a subject for which we couldn't find a speaker. Is there any clearinghouse that could have helped us?
The American Concrete Institute has a newly established speakers registry. Its purpose is to help locate the right speakers and provide better programs. Anyone wishing to obtain the services of a speaker on subjects relating to concrete should write to the Institute. The request must delineate the subject to be covered and must give the name of the organization, expected size of audience, and the date and place of the meeting. This request must be in the hands of the American Concrete Institute at least 60 days before the meeting. The Institute will promptly give the inquirer the name of the speaker to contact. From that point on all arrangements are the responsibility of the inquirer. The ACI also encourages users of this service to help keep the registry list growing by sending recommendations of additional people to serve as speakers. Address correspondence to: Education Department, American Concrete Institute, P.O. Box 19150, Detroit, Michigan 48219.