November 1956 Table of Contents

Features Advantages of air entrainment

Has the entrainment of air in concrete any advantages besides increasing its resistance to freezing and thawing? Read more

Features Laying mesh reinforcement

Is there a machine for laying mesh reinforcement? Read more

Features More on dusty floors

In your September issue you listed as the possible causes of dusty concrete floors: improper finishing and curing, low cement content, and insufficient protection from freezing. What about overtroweling? Read more

Features Durability of early dry mixes

In the light of what we know today about the undesirability of dry mixes, why were the early structures built with such mixes so successful? Read more

Features Power Buggies
Problem Clinic Joint Venture to Find

What is the legal meaning of a joint venture as applied to a construction project? What about liability? Read more

Problem Clinic Cold-Weather Concretinguxrqqcrsxeybwdzwucufxsrfqxwttece

Is it desirable to place concrete at high temperatures during cold weather? Read more

Problem Clinic Roofing With a Parapet Wall

How are flashing and roof felt handled in connection with a concrete parapet wall? Read more

Problem Clinic Tax Deductions

Are travel and living expenses deductible from the income of construction workers who go from one community to another to work? Read more

Problem Clinic Reclaiming Frozen Concrete

Is it ever possible to reclaim frozen concrete? Read more

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