October 1956 Table of Contents

Features Cement sets

Have the Russians actually succeeded, as reported, in increasing the speed at which cement sets? Read more

Features False set

What is meant by false set? Read more

Features Copper expansion joints

Are copper expansion joints likely to corrode in the course of time by contact with moist concrete? Read more

Features Freezing damage

How soon after concrete has been poured can it be frozen without sustaining damage? Read more

Problem Clinic Bar Tie Twisting Tooluxrqqcrsxeybwdzwucufxsrfqxwttece

Is there a tool for automatically twisting bar ties? Read more

Problem Clinic Intrusion Prepacked Concrete

What is meant by intrusion prepacked concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Moistening Subgrades

Why should subgrades and forms be moistened before concrete is poured? Read more

Problem Clinic Preventing Drafts

Is there a foolproof method of preventing the drafts in a house caused by air leaking between the plate and the concrete slab? Read more

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