August 1961 Table of Contents

Features Surface carbonation

What is the best way to protect concrete floors against surface carbonation when heaters must be used in cold weather? Read more

Features Wear resistance

What are the factors which affect the resistance of a concrete floor to wear? Read more

Features Settlement cracks

What measures can be taken to prevent the formation of settlement cracks at the top corners of beams, doors and windows above columns? Read more

Features Steepness of belts

How steeply may a conveyor belt for concrete be inclined without seriously reducing its capacity? Read more

Features Hold That Water!
Problem Clinic Sidewalk Pitch

How much pitch for drainage purposes should be built into a standard sidewalk, and what is the best way of providing for it? Read more

Problem Clinic Silicone Treatment

Does treatment with silicones have any major effect on the resistance of concrete to weather and ice-melting chemicals? Read more

Problem Clinic Progressive Popping

What is the most likely cause of progressive popping of a concrete slab while spalled material is being removed in preparation for resurfacing? Read more

Problem Clinic Elephant Trunks

Are there standard manufactured "elephant trunks"for placing concrete in narrow walls without segregation? Read more

Problem Clinic Cores With Steel

What effect would the presence of reinforcing steel have on the compressive strength of a concrete core? Read more

Problem Clinic Pyrite in Aggregate

Is the presence of pyrite in an aggregate likely to be injurious to concrete? Read more

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