July 1961 Table of Contents

Features Building Officials Conference

What is the Building Officials Conference of America and who is eligible to join? Read more

Features Concrete and heat

What effect does long exposure to relatively high temperatures have on the compressive strength of concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Home Building Costs

How widely does the cost of home building vary from city to city? Read more

Problem Clinic Paving Record?

What's the present record for placing highway pavement by a single crew in a single day? Read more

Problem Clinic Fireproof Vapor Barrier

Is there such a thing as a non-combustible vapor barrier material which can be safely used in a work area where field welding is to be done? Read more

Problem Clinic First Sawed Joints

When were pavement joints first made in the United States by sawing? Read more

Problem Clinic When to Strip Forms

Is there a rule of thumb for determining when forms may safely be stripped on structures of various kinds? Read more

Problem Clinic Tensile Strength By Crushing

Can the tensile strength of concrete be determined from compression testing? Read more

Problem Clinic Dry Cylinders Stronger

Do thoroughly dry concrete cylinders test higher than wet cylinders? Read more

Problem Clinic Molasses Storage

What treatment is recommended for the interior of concrete tanks which are to be used for the storage of molasses? Read more

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