November 1962 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Removing Inserts

We are experiencing difficulty in effecting a clean removal of wooden inserts from wall and floor slabs, despite careful oiling and the use of tapered multi-piece blocks. Can you suggest a way around this? Read more

Problem Clinic Artificial Weathering

Is it possible to artificially weather new concrete to match existing surfaces? Read more

Problem Clinic High Polish Terrazzo

What grade of carborundum is recommended for getting a high polish on terrazzo slabs? Read more

Problem Clinic Why Is It Stronger?

This may be fundamental, but why is it possible for a 1:2 1/2:4 concrete mix, volume batched, to be stronger than a 1:2:4 mix? The proportion of cement in the 1:2:4 mix is after all greater. Read more

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