June 1963 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Rapid Setting

A very old mason's trick for accelerating the set of concrete is to dissolve ordinary household soda in the mixing water. Is this in any way detrimental? Read more

Problem Clinic Separating Medium for Lift-Slab

Is there an ideal separating medium for lift-slab construction? Read more

Problem Clinic High-Alumina Cement

Are there any problems to be expected in casting normal concrete against concrete made with high-alumina cement? For example, is setting time increased? Read more

Problem Clinic Form Oil Base

Is there a preferred base for a form oil to be used with white cements? Read more

Problem Clinic Compressive Strength

On purely theoretical grounds shouldn't the compressive strength of a concrete increase as it gets colder? Read more

Problem Clinic Turpentine Spillage

We are planning to build a concrete structure that will be exposed to turpentine spillage. will this have any deleterious effect on the concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Bulge in Panels

I have noted that curtain wall panels precast on the site bulge outward only when erected and never inward. Why is this and is there anything that can be done about bulging? Read more

Problem Clinic Shrinkage Cracking

Is it true that, because rapid-hardening cements are finer ground, concretes cast with them are more susceptible to shrinkage cracking than if other portland cements were used? Read more

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