March 1963 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic False Set

We have recently experienced an outbreak of false set--a sudden unusual stiffening of the mix far ahead of the time when initial set was expected. Re-vibration caused this to disappear, but we understand that a simpler method is to add gypsum during mixin Read more

Problem Clinic Jarring of Concrete

We are planning to cast a slab and buttress in close proximity to a railroad bridge over which trains pass infrequently. Is there any danger that jarring of the concrete due to a train passing will be detrimental during hardening? Read more

Problem Clinic Heat of Concrete

Can you quote a reliable general figure for the specific heat of concrete? This is required to assist in calculating the temperature needed for mixing water to raise the temperature of concrete during cold-weather placing. Read more

Problem Clinic "Tabby" Finish

Is there a concrete finish known as "tabby"? Read more

Problem Clinic RILEM

The initials RILEM to introduce a report occur frequently in technical bibliographies. What do they stand for? Read more

Problem Clinic Seepage in Basement Wall

We are engaged in some extensive below-grade alterations to an existing structure. The boundary wall of the existing basement is structurally sound but on one side is subject at various times to severe seepage. It is not possible to excavate to reach this Read more

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