August 1964 Table of Contents

Features Bubble counting

What is the distinction between air bubbles which are regarded as voids and those which are considered to be entrained air? Read more

Features Curing and wear resistance

What special curing requirements should be established for concrete surfaces which will be exposed to severe wear? Read more

Problem Clinic Casting Rocks for Garden

Natural rock is expensive in our region, and I am faced with the problem of providing an old-fashioned rock garden. Is there an easy way of casting "rocks" to look as natural as possible? It occurred to me that this might be a good way of getting rid of b Read more

Problem Clinic Embedding Steel Beams

We have a project where steel beams of varying lengths have to be embedded in concrete. Should these beams be given any special treatment? Read more

Problem Clinic Roughening Tilt-Up Slabs

What's a good way of roughening the under surface of tilt-up slabs to take a plaster finish? Read more

Problem Clinic Painting Masonry

Manufacturers' instructions for applying plastic paints to masonry always seem to emphasize the need for a dry surface and dry weather. Just how important is this? Read more

Problem Clinic Mix With Wood Chips

I am thinking of using wood chips and shavings to make a lightweight mix. The obvious danger here is that it can burn; is there an easy way of overcoming this? Read more

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