June 1964 Table of Contents

Features Protecting new pavements

There seems to be wide agreement that even air-entrained concrete will scale if salt or other de-icing agents are applied in the first year. How, then, can new pavements, such as driveways, parking aprons and garage floors, be protected from the inevitable automobile drippings? Read more

Features Cement in homes

Is there a rule of thumb that can be used for estimating the amount of cement or concrete that will be required in the building of a stated number of houses? Read more

Problem Clinic Shielding Value of Concrete

How does concrete compare with other materials in respect to shielding? Read more

Problem Clinic Curing Water

If evaporation can be prevented by some type of membrane curing material, how much water must concrete contain for adequate curing? Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Grease

An article in an engineering magazine states that muriatic acid may be used for the removal of grease from concrete. What is your recommendation on this? Read more

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