May 1964 Table of Contents

Features Absorption process

What is the function of an absorption blanket in the construction of a granolithic concrete floor? Read more

Features Bending plywood form panels

How sharply can plywood panels be bent in forming curved concrete surfaces? Read more

Features Completed contract accounting

What is the completed contract basis method of accounting and why is it sometimes used? Read more

Features Long-time mixing

When ready mixed concrete trucks are delayed in transit or on the job site, what effect will the additional time of mixing have on the slump of the concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Cost of Snow Melting

How much does it cost to operate an effective snow melting system? Read more

Problem Clinic Covering Reinforcing

In the absence of specific instructions, what would be a safe set of rules to follow in respect to the amount of cover to provide for reinforcing steel? Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete and Steel Bids

We hear a lot of generalities about concrete bids running substantially less than steel bids. Do you have any specific figures for an actual project? Read more

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