June 1965 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Oils on Concrete

Are all oils equally detrimental to concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic "All-In" Aggregate

What exactly is "all-in" aggregate? Read more

Problem Clinic "Specified" Defined

How should the word "specified" be interpreted? Read more

Problem Clinic Bubbles After Power-Troweling

What would cause bubbles to appear shortly after a surface has been power-troweled? Could it be entrapped air escaping through the rather coarse sand matrix? We understand the fineness modulus is high and this could possibly allow the air to channel upwar Read more

Problem Clinic Painting Concrete

We have painted the concrete floor in the kitchen of a restaurant we constructed, but the paint has worn off in the traffic areas. Please advise what we should do to this floor to give it a smooth, non-slippery, permanent wearing surface. Read more

Problem Clinic "Epoxy" or "Epoxide"

Is there any difference between an "epoxy" and an "epoxide" resin? Read more

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