August 1966 Table of Contents

Features Glass fiber for reinforcing

The term "glass-fiber reinforced" always seems to refer to the use of synthetic resins. Couldn't glass fibers also be included in a cement mortar and at considerably less cost? Read more

Problem Clinic Moist Spot in Floor

We have a problem with a basement floor which we placed about a year ago. In one corner of the floor an area of concrete approximately 10 feet by 10 feet stays constantly moist. There is no moisture condition on the foundation walls whatsoever, and we do Read more

Problem Clinic Mortar Stains on Glass

We are facing an unusual problem in that mortar has been allowed to splash down over a plate glass window and to remain there, exposed to rain, for several weeks. We now find on removing the mortar that is has caused a staining of the glass, more visible Read more

Problem Clinic Matching White Granite

White granite isn't pure white, so what cement blending would you recommend for a mortar to match it? Read more

Problem Clinic The Concrete Test Hammer
Problem Clinic Why Do Buildings Leak?
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