July 1969 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Value of Yield Charts

Of what value are yield charts? Read more

Problem Clinic Class 6 Floors

In your first installment of "Elements in Good Floor Construction" in the March 1969 issue, it is stated that "the topping should have no structural function" in Class 6 floors. Why should this statement be applicable to toppings installed monolithically Read more

Problem Clinic When to Use Vapor Barrier

It is indicated in your publication that most floor construction is improved by including a vapor barrier. There are a number of experiences in our area that indicate the use of a vapor barrier may not be advisable. The water in a concrete slab placed on Read more

Problem Clinic Crack-Free Concrete Fill

We would like to know what the formulation of concrete fills placed over structural slabs should be so that the installation of thin-set floor coverings such as epoxy, neoprene, acrylic, etc. will be crack-free. Read more

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