June 1971 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Concrete Finishes

Concrete finishes are sometimes described by means of the letter F followed by a number. When are the various finishes called for and how are they produced? Read more

Problem Clinic Reclaiming Frozen Concrete

Can frozen concrete be reclaimed, or must it always be replaced? Read more

Problem Clinic Spalled Concrete

Could you offer a solution or any helpful suggestions to a problem concerning patching spalled concrete? The condition exists on the floor of a meat locker in a restaurant: The floor is subject to constant freezing temperatures; raising the temperature wo Read more

Problem Clinic Wet Cellar

I recently purchased a 30-year-old stone house with a stone foundation. The stone is pointed on the inside only; it is not covered with a cement coating. Whenever we get a heavy rainfall, clear water comes through the side walls on top of the bottom cours Read more

Problem Clinic Heating Elements in Concrete Slabs

We are presently designing a flat plate reinforced concrete building in which the lowest suspended floor overlies an unheated parking garage. Read more

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