May 1971 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Cement and Aluminum

In the February issue of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION you have on page 64 in the Problem Clinic section a question and answer entitled Cement and Aluminum. In this you state that very small percentages of aluminum will cause expansion of concrete and quote the u Read more

Problem Clinic Bound Volumes of Concrete Construction

Have you ever considered publishing bound volumes of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION at the end of each year? Your perforated pages are most helpful in setting up articles for reference purposes, but most of our people prefer to keep the entire magazine. Bound volu Read more

Problem Clinic Sack Rubbed Finish

When is sack rubbing of exposed concrete necessary and what is the recommended method? Read more

Problem Clinic Repairing Slabs

Your March issue, page 106, included a problem posed relative to repairing of concrete slabs on the ground. Read more

Problem Clinic Many Ramifications

In a recent "Problem Clinic" column (Concrete Construction, January 1971, page 27) you ask a seemingly simple question regarding wiring in concrete. There are many ramifications. Read more

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