April 1972 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Casting Nonferrous Metals

Has concrete been used as a permanent mold for casting aluminum and other nonferrous metals? Read more

Problem Clinic Odors in Dog Kennels

We shall be constructing a dog kennel with concrete flooring. We would appreciate your ideas on a product for finishing it. Our biggest problem is urine odor. We do not want a slick finish because I have had problems in the past with leg injuries from sli Read more

Problem Clinic Effect of Limestone Dust

What happens to concrete which is mixed using coarse aggregate composed of a high percentage of limestone dust? We know that limestone dust produces poor concrete but we don't know why. Read more

Problem Clinic Joint Sealants in Factory Floors

What kinds of sealants can we use in the joints of factory floors? We need something that won't get tracked and smeared all over the floor but that is easy for maintenance men to install. Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Heavy Efflorescence

I have a concrete wall that builds up heavy efflorescence in the spring. There doesn't seem to be any other source of efflorescence except the wall itself, but I have cleaned it two years in a row and the white deposit still keeps coming back. How can I s Read more

Problem Clinic Forms for Statuary

Where can I get information on different types of forms available for making such items as concrete planters and garden statues for use with waterfalls or purely for decorative purposes? Read more

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