February 1972 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Wire Reinforcing Mesh

We wish to question the necessity and advantage of wire reinforcing mesh being used in 2-inch to 4-inch topping over prestressed twin T beams. (I ) Does the topping increase the load carrying ability of the beams? (2) Does sire reinforcing mesh increase t Read more

Problem Clinic Removal of Anchors

Epoxy grouts are tremendous for securing anchors and the like in concrete, but sometimes it is necessary to remove the anchor; then the permanence of the epoxy grout becomes a major problem. Any suggestions ? Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Curbs Designated as Formed Concrete?

We are general contractors and employ our ounn concretefinishers. We have been instructed by an architect to install quite a quantity of curb under a unit price that was quoted as formed concrete. We question this, however, because we feel thatformed conc Read more

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