July 1972 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Residential Filt-Up

Does anyone ever build residences or other small buildings by tilt-up methods? If so, where can I get information about how this can be done without using heavy equipment? Read more

Problem Clinic Toppings for Two-Course Floors

I am interested in obtaining any information available concerning 1-inch and 2-inch toppings on structural concrete slabs. Read more

Problem Clinic More on Removing Heavy Efflorescence

The Problem Clinic for April had an article on removing heavy efflorescence. Is it possible to receive any additional information on this method, such as time required, thickness, and how the papier-mache is actually made? Read more

Problem Clinic Prolonging Plywood Form Life

What can we do to increase the life of our plywood forms? We experience a lot of damage during stripping. Read more

Problem Clinic Belt With a Light Touch

We have experienced difficulty in maintaining the required tolerance of pavement surfaces when we have given them a belted finish for skid resistance. How can we overcome this problem? Read more

Problem Clinic Bonding Agents and Mesh for Shotcrete

We are considering the use of shotcrete to repair a building wall that has been badly spalled. Assuming that all unsound material has been removed and the surface properly cleaned, will it be necessary to use a portland cement grout or an epoxy as a bondi Read more

Problem Clinic Alkali Aggregate Reaction in Forms?

Our company is engaged in the development and manufacture of a mortar-epoxy-fiberglass material that is used in concrete forms, boats and other applications. It has been called to our attention that the reactivity of glass with concrete might significantl Read more

Problem Clinic Evaluating Fire Damage

We have three questions regarding the series of articles on Repair of Fire Damage which appeared in the March, April and May 1972 editions of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION. Read more

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