March 1972 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Slump Loss in Pump Lines

Please send information on slump loss in concrete pump lines and strength tests on pumped concrete. Read more

Problem Clinic Author Explains Crack Control Formula

The footnote on page 510 of the December 1971 issue of Concrete Construction concerns a formula stated as: LfW As = ----- 2S In the text it is stated that common values for f and S are 1.5 and 30,000 psi, respectively. The f is stated to be the coefficien Read more

Problem Clinic Temperature Versus Concrete Strength

At a location in Singapore, the temperature of plastic concrete as placed may be as high as 102 degrees F on a hot day. When the aggregate stockpiles are sprayed with water to promote evaporative cooling it is possible to keep the temperature of the plast Read more

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