May 1972 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Remodeling Fiberglass Plastic Forms

We are considering the use of fiberglass reinforced plastic forms on a job, but we are worried about how to make special sizes or adjust the shape where necessary. Must all of this be done by the manufacturer? Read more

Problem Clinic Obscuring Form Joint Lines

How can I keep joints between form liners from showing in architectural concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic High-Strength Form Ties

Are there any new kinds of ties for loads up to 72,000 pounds? Read more

Problem Clinic Keeping Plumb in a High Wind

If we were to construct a building by slipforming how would we control the operation so that the walls were plumb? Would we have trouble compensating for wind? Read more

Problem Clinic Openings in Slip-Formed Walls

How are openings made in wall that are cast by slipforming? Read more

Problem Clinic Dome Pans on Slopes

We expect to build a structure using dome pans, some of which will be on sloping surfaces. Are there any special techniques that should be used? Read more

Problem Clinic Slipforms Rise on Hydraulic Jacks

Would you advise the use of pneumatic jacks for slipforming? Read more

Problem Clinic Sandwich Walls

Can you give me information on sandwich wall construction? I should also like any information on methods, particularly for use in residential, apartment, or motel construction. Read more

Problem Clinic Yield Loss and Segregation in High Lifts

Has there been experience or research in wall or mass footing placements relative to yield loss or densification and segregation in high-lift walls (20 feet high) or mass concrete? Read more

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