October 1972 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Nontrembling Tilt-Up?

Do the latest tilt-up designs follow recent advanced design concepts for seismic loading so that earthquake frequencies do not set up resonances in structures? How did tilt-up structures perform in the 1971 San Fernando earthquake where the Mercator scale Read more

Problem Clinic Continuous Vertical Reinforcement

With reference to "Building with the Site-Cast Concrete System" (July 1972, page 324), please explain the use of a continuous reinforcing bar for seven or more stories. Read more

Problem Clinic Does Crazing Signify Deterioration?

Surface cracks have appeared on concrete that was recently placed. Are these likely to enlarge and cause the concrete to spall or crumble? Read more

Problem Clinic Revibration

What is revibration, and is it harmful? Read more

Problem Clinic Material Looses in Shotcreting

We use up about one-quarter of our shotcrete materials in wast from rebound and not enough sticks to the wall. What are we doing wrong? Read more

Problem Clinic Shotcreting Wet or Dry?

Which shotcreting method is the more satisfactory, using a wet mix or a dry mix? Read more

Problem Clinic Detrimental Heat From Welding

Is there a detrimental effect caused by welding a new column base plate to an existing base plate anchored into the surface of a floor slab? We have a building designed in concrete with provision for future addition to be built of steel. Will the high tem Read more

Problem Clinic Chemical Release Agents

Is there any danger of interaction when a chemical form release agent is used on forms to be filled with concrete containing an admixture? Read more

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