September 1972 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Discolored Flatwork

What is the easiest method of removing dark or light discoloration from newly hardened concrete floors or walks? Read more

Problem Clinic Finishing Air-Entrained Concrete

Our masons complain about difficulty in finishing air-entrained concrete. Most of our work is concrete floors, but sometimes we do driveways and loading platforms where air-entrained concrete is specified. How can we make finishing easier? Read more

Problem Clinic Steel Requirements in Tilt-Up

What effect does the new ACI Building Code have on reinforcing steel requirements for tilt-up? Read more

Problem Clinic Growing Site-Cast Panels

Can you provide additional information about "Building with the Site-Cast Concrete System" published in the July 1972 issue (page 324)? In past efforts to do site-casting we have had difficulty controlling the dimensions of the edge forms. For example whe Read more

Problem Clinic Tees Versus Tilt-Up

Field labor is usually more expensive than factory labor. Why then does tilt-up cost less than factory made tees and double-tees? Read more

Problem Clinic Tilt-Up Costs

What is the present cost of tilt-up for a building of 60,000 square feet using 20-foot by 32-foot panels, a five-inch floor slab, plywood diaphragm roof with built-up roofing, plate steel girders, 20-foot by 40-foot bays and average other details? Read more

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