August 1973 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Higher and Higher With Concrete

Who sets municipal limitations on the height of concrete buildings? Read more

Problem Clinic What's the Sense of Cutting the Fabric?

I am an iron worker and when I put down steel mesh for concrete floors the inspector has been insisting that I cut the steel fabric wherever it crosses a joint. Yet he's got big steel dowel bars crossing the same joint. What's with him? Read more

Problem Clinic Products Approved By OSHA?

Recently a safety equipment salesman told us his company's products are approved by OSHA. How do I check on this? Read more

Problem Clinic Getting a Safety Method Approved By OSHA

We think that the methods we use are just as safe as the OSHA standards. Can we avoid being cited for a violation if we can convince the Compliance Officer? Read more

Problem Clinic Protect Your President

OSHA is designed to protect employees. Does it indude foremen? They're part of management. Read more

Problem Clinic Who Failed in Washington Collapse?

Do you have any information concerning the recent collapse of a cast-in-place reinforced concrete high-rise apartment building near Washington, D C.? The incident involved major toss of life. Read more

Problem Clinic Why An Institute for Rebars?

Your pages make reference from time to time to an organization called the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute. What are the objectives of this Institute and who is eligible to belong? Read more

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