February 1973 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Cracks in Curves of Walks

Why have cracks formed across the center of each curved portion of our exposed aggregate sidewalks? Joints were provided every three feet in the straight portions and every six feet in the curved portions. Read more

Problem Clinic Floor Cracks

We recently put in a 40- by 120-foot industrial floor. No curing membrane was applied because the weather was cool and damp. The owner complained because we didn't cure and didn't put in joints. We offered to saw joints for an additional charge but he ele Read more

Problem Clinic Depressions in Lightweight Concrete Floors

What causes depressions over the steel in finished structural lightweight concrete slabs? Read more

Problem Clinic Fictitiously High Strengths a Danger

Is it possible to get superhigh cylinder strengths at seven or 28 days by vibrating concrete test cylinders or somehow jimmying them? Read more

Problem Clinic Epoxy Grouters and Suppliers

We are searching for epoxy grouting equipment and materials for repairing basement walls. Can you provide information on material and equipment suppliers, especially in Canada? Read more

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